A1 Medical & General Ltd provides all of our clerical staff with team support, training, appraisals, and a competitive rate of pay. We strive to create an environment in which our clerical staff can provide an excellent standard of service, whilst working on our behalf.

To all of our members A1 Medical & General Ltd offers the following:

  1. flexible part-time or full-time hours

  2. work in the location of your choice

  3. very competitive pay rate

  4. holiday pay

  5. weekly payment by BACS

  6. office support 7am to 10pm daily and emergency service after that

  7. Investor in People national accreditation

  8. company charter

  9. six-monthly member appraisals

  10. training and professional development courses in-house and access to external training courses

  11. stakeholder pension

  12. social events

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